Sunday, August 21, 2011

JavaFX on Griffon: Events and Binding

I have just uploaded a second screencast (embedded below) in the "JavaFX on Griffon" series. If you missed the first screencast, you can find it here. This screencast concludes the basic introduction I wanted to provide to writing JavaFX applications with Griffon.

In my previous article, I was remiss in forgetting to thank Andres Almiray, the leader of the Giffon project, for all his help in creating these plugins. I am thoroughly convinced that Andres spent about twice as much time answering all of my silly questions as it would have taken him to just write the plugins himself.

So Mr. Almiray, thank you for all the time you spent teaching me about Griffon plugins and the Griffon build system. You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman!


  1. An example/tutorial that brought to life JPA-backed objects with GroovyFX would be *very* impressive.

  2. Hey Dean,

    Awesome blog! Is there an email address I can contact you in private?

  3. Wow first !

    Then, I just have some small questions : is it working on linux (with groovyfx 2 / javafx 2.1 dev preview) ? Is it mixable with some fxml (just prove me wrong, but fxml appears to me as a better exchange format for downloadable custom shapes/controls) ? Where would the fxml go ?

  4. Current status is that the plugin supports Griffon 0.94 (latest release) with GroovyFX 0.1 and JavaFX 2.0.2. Andres and I are planning to release an updated version of the plugin that supports 0.9.5 soon, but I don't know if we'll cut over to GroovyFX 0.2 yet or not.

    You can use the plugin with your JAVAFX_HOME env var set to a JavaFX 2.1 SDK and most things will work (not recommended, but I do this :-), just avoid CSS syntax for specifying fonts/colors and avoid 2.1-only features.

    GroovyFX supports FXML. I've never tried it, but you should be able to put your .fxml files in your resources directory and then use GroovyFX's FXML support to load them into your views at run-time.



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